Faster predictions. Faster decisions. Bigger ROI.

The demand for advanced analytics is indisputable. So is the amount of work that's required—turning data into actions isn't easy. Which explains the appeal of ModelMAX®.

ModelMAX® is more than just a powerful application. It is a self-guided analytical engine that generates customized predictive and descriptive models with push-button ease.

Nothing against statistics and coding (afterall ModelMAX® uses a bevy of tried and true conventions, just in a very unique, innovative way). But time is money and an automated application makes a lot more business sense.

ModelMAX® also is better than filter-type predictive lead scoring, or a one-size-fits-all model based on who-knows-where-or-when-the-data-is-from. That's because ModelMAX® makes the most of your actual data, generating powerful, tailor-made models with assembly-line efficiency.

Your focus is on defining objectives and evaluating results. ModelMAX® takes care of everything else, saving valuable time and significantly expanding who in your organization can exploit the value of advanced analytics.

If you are new to data analytics you will love the simplicity and wizard-driven navigation of ModelMAX®. And if you are experienced at building models from scratch, you will appreciate its speed, power and versatility.

When you click the "Build Model" button, ModelMAX® immediately does all the heavy lifting. It applies a battery of rigorous statistical processes and mathematical measures, but in a fraction of the time needed by conventional tools.

Complicated, tedious work such as data manipulation, variable selection, and transforming models into useable code is handled instantaneously, under the hood, eliminating the need for programming and statistical skills.

For example, ModelMAX® expertly handles outliers, co-linearity and nulls. Dates are broken down into subparts and scrutinized for any impact on behavior patterns. A proprietary data transformation process renders the greatest possible value from even weak, incomplete data - this step alone routinely gives ModelMAX® models a distinct edge. All this and more is done automatically, but never at the expense of control and transparency.

ModelMAX® makes it convenient for you to take control and explore alternatives. Step-by-step wizards, slide bars and settings make "what if" analysis a breeze. For example, create variables on-the-fly, or force variables to be used or suppressed, with point-and-click ease. Remember, with ModelMAX® you don't waste time on programming or math. Ever.

Examine the impact of each nuance and change by clicking through a "carousal" of project iterations and comparing model results. Share and discuss options with colleagues, then select the one that best fits your objective. There is even an option to calculate expected ROI.

A very important (and sometimes overlooked) benefit of ModelMAX® is how quickly models or scores are executed. A couple of clicks is all it takes to score whenever and where ever it makes sense—real-time or batch, locally or online. Everything is handled for you, including re-creating on-the-fly variables that may be needed (so even IT has less work to do).

ModelMAX® has tackled a wide variety of projects across a broad range of industries—everything from prioritizing customers for cross-selling financial products to predicting part failures on light rail transit.

ModelMAX® is the perfect choice for fast, robust, genuine qualitative and quantitative analysis in today's data-drenched, time-starved world.

Use ModelMAX® to achieve a broad range of data-driven goals:

  • Drive revenue with highly targeted sales and marketing initiatives
  • Stop fraud in its tracks and know when bad guys try something new
  • Empower Risk Management to outmaneuver even rapidly changing markets
  • Prioritize collections from every angle—value, timing and collector's skill level
  • Improve retention with precise, proactive measures
  • Determine Lifetime Value and the steps needed to maximize it
  • And a lot more!


  • Generate and validate models, no statistical expertise or special skills needed
  • Validation is instantaneous on truly independent (not recycled) data
  • Connect directly to a wide variety of data sources including SAS datasets
  • Discover the treasure hidden within your data; gain valuable insight on customers, products, pricing, promotions, purchase behaviors, risk, fraud, and more
  • Streamline "what if" analysis with parameter-driven options (no programming or fiddling with PROCs)
  • Maximize the value of data no matter how rich or sparse it may be
  • Complete models in a single session (no more time consuming data prep, variable selection, etc.)
  • Deploy models with one click—no muss, no fuss and no complicated processes or custom data creation steps

How It Works

Create Model

Project setup is a snap. Point to data, make a few choices & Voila!

Customize & Explore

Play with variables, try new settings & compare

Deploy Model

Score locally, as a service or export code, all with just a click

Take Action