Is ASA going away?

No. Advanced Software Applications Corp. isn't going anywhere. Agilytics is simply our d/b/a & new product platform. So don't be surprised if ASA Corp. still appears on invoices, contracts, etc.  

How do I move to Agilytics?

Log in at Agilytics.com using your ASA credentials. Except for the logo, Agilytics Support is exactly like ASA Support. There’s no need to toggle between the two sites―the view is consolidated.

Start with the content on the Support Home screen, then read 'How to Move to Agilytics' using the PDF link at the bottom of the screen.

I have several ASA products installed. Do I need to purchase Agilytics too?

No. No paperwork or additional purchase is needed. And depending on the type of license, you may be able to continue using both ASA products and the Agilytics counterpart for as long as you like. This is especially helpful for side-by-side testing, which we encourage.

Perpetual ASA license holders (aka Legacy clients) who are current on maintenance are entitled to the same perpetual license within the Agilytics brand + you don't have to stop using ASA products to start using the Agilytics counterpart. Legacy clients never have to stop using ASA products.

Subscription ASA license holders can switch anytime during the subscription term.

Is there a deadline on when I have to convert to Agiltyics?

No, you can move to Agilytics at your convenience. That being said, there will be no more development work done on ASA products. Only the Agilytics platform will be improved going forward.

Will authorization codes used in ASA products work in Agilytics products?

It depends on which products, & possibly the version. Agilytics uses a different activation method than some ASA products. ModelMAX uses the older method of authorization & the codes will not work in Agilytics ML. Likewise, older versions of DecisionBuilder (Designer, BatchRunner & Server) use the older method of authorization & codes will not work in their Agilytics counterpart.

Log in to Support for full details.

It's helpful to pay attention to terminology: older ASA products generally mention 'authorization' codes/keys/strings on related screens & pop-ups, where as Agilytics & newer ASA products generally mention 'activation' codes/keys/strings.

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