Optimize Collections with Predictive Analytics!

Collect! has partnered with ASA Corp. for Predictive Scoring Services

If you agree collections is a race against time, you need scoring from ASA. Everything is automated so you can operate with speed and confidence.

Use Collect! data to net more, with less effort, and in less time. ASA delivers the power of customized scoring with off‑the‑shelf convenience and affordability.

The Secret to Predicting Collections

Predictive analytics can significantly improve collections, but only if the entire process is automated. Every step must be effortless. Otherwise, costs quickly outstrip benefits. This is why our partnership with Collect! is so exciting. With a just a couple of clicks, Collect! puts the power of predictive scoring to work.

Super Fast Turnaround

ASA seamlessly integrates with Collect! for speed, convenience, accuracy and consistency. After all, operational efficiency is essential to profitable collections. Getting started is easy. Data comes straight out of Collect! and uploads automatically to our secure site. We do our magic, and in as little as a day, review results with you. Once you give the green light, a predictive score appears on the Collect! screen. Much like a credit score indicates credit worthiness, this score indicates collectability.

Flexible & Friendly

A standard score is dollar-based, maximizing how much is recovered. For even stronger results, combine it with other predictive scores, such as speed to pay or most likely to pay. ASA readily shares important details, so instead of just how much or who, you also know why. For example, you see the financial gain for each prediction and that it’s valid. You also get insight on behavior, like how age affects collectability.

“I can confidently say that ASA’s tools have added 10%-15% to our bottom line…[we] know when to stop action and conversely, where to start mining the diamonds.”

Peter G Hickey, CEO

Commercial Credit Control Pty Ltd

Australia Collect! user

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