Wow...30 Years!

AI seemed like science fiction in 1992 so we purposely downplayed our expertise in machine learning and neural networks, and picked a name that fit the times. A lot has changed since then, thank goodness.

Analytics are a business must-have. Agility is too. Agilytics delivers both, without sacrifice

Push Button Pioneers

Fully automated and safeguarded predictions seemed impossible at times, even to us. We did it though. We also learned that cranking out precise models super fast was not enough.

Sure, statisticians and data geeks loved our speed and convenience. No math, no coding, no data dirty work is analytical bliss. Back-end burdens still existed though, so we did something about them too.

Ahead of the Curve, Always

While others experimented with algorithms and programming languages (yawn), we closed operational gaps and eliminated production headaches.

Deployment? Rapid and foolproof. Ditto for maintenance. Add business logic to predictive services? Done. In other words, we kept commercializing AI, making adoption easy for any business, even small ones.

Broad Analytical Experience+Deep Vertical Expertise

Our technology is universal. Some industries standout though, like banking where our smart data hub is synonymous with a single source of truth (aka Best Thing Ever).

Likewise, our CRM is 'on steroids' as it systematically drives revenue, retention, and reporting, all tailored to an FI's goals, policies and culture. No wonder fans extend from the front line to the C-Suite.

The Only Constant Is Change

Yep, a new name was needed. It had to do a lot though, like ditch the software limitation (services are a BIG part of what we now do) and convey effortless flexibility. Our earliest clients were in direct marketing and Identity Fraud but we expanded beyond that long ago.

Sure, we're all about analytics. How we go about it though, sets us apart. Fast. Flexible. Nimble. Which is exactly what businesses today need...analytical agility, and that, more or less, is how Agilytics came to be.

What's Next?

Our overall focus remains the same -- make it super easy to analytically monetize data. The future is exciting, and not just because of the growing demand for data driven operations.

New products are coming, like more cloud options, specialized hosted services and private labeling. Existing products will also be improved.

If you've been a part of our past, Thank You! We look forward to continuing to serve you. And if you've been on the sidelines, now is a great time to get in the game. Or as we like to say here at Agilytics, it's time to 'Get Agilytical'.